wordpressWordpress Development Services

Open Source Gang always tends to lead your online business with the help of WordPress development services, So, WordPress is always used to specifically craft and also build cutting edge applications and websites.

Custom WordPress Development Services

Open Source Gang is among the best WordPress development company involved in providing custom WordPress services. We are generally involved in providing deep implementation and architectural knowledge in enterprise level for WordPress portal design, information architecture, development and also support.

Throughout many years, we have successfully delivered many of the WordPress sites for brands, SMEs, publishers and also large enterprise level company. Our main expertise is focused on developing and also designing WordPress sites of all magnitude and complexity from startups to big companies.

Our WordPress Services

The most important development services which are continuously offered by our end to the clients include:

  • WordPress Migration
  • WordPress Implementation And Setup
  • WordPress Design Integration
  • WordPress website Design And Themes
  • WordPress Website Development And Customization
  • WordPress CMS Development And Integration

Apart from that, we are also involved in developing responsive multi-site installations for big companies.

Our Solutions

We are involved in providing the best WordPress development solutions across different verticals.


Developers at Open Source Gang also build such kind of plugins which can add functionality to your WordPress site with the help of Live Chat, Payment Integration, Security, Image Optimization, SEO and also Form builder.


Our experienced team is involved in WordPress development for websites. This particularly includes the WordPress development for business, CMS, forum, blog and also enterprise portals.

Domain-Based Solutions

Domain-based solutions are also mainly provided by our skilled developers. This includes an end to end development services for education, travel, food and restaurant, business, entertainment, retail and also real estate.


API solutions provided by our end generally help to enhance functionality and also features. This is possible only with the help of Plugin API, Shortcode, File System API and also Quick Tages API.

9 Promising Reasons to Choose Open Source Gang?

Our experienced and skilled developers always work on the basis of the specific requirements of our clients. In this way, we always focus to satisfy the business needs of our clients. Reliable technology consulting and analysis are considered to be an important part of our services.

As a result, the WordPress expertise of our developers helps our valuable clients with the development workflow, architecture, best practices and also security.

1) Fully Customizable Design

We, at Open Source Gang, are generally involved in offering fully customizable designs for our clients. This help to meet the specific marketing goals and also the objectives of our clients.

2) Search Engine Optimized

Our designed websites are generally optimized for the search engines which help to get constant organic traffic and thereby it helps to rank your website higher.

3) Full Standards Compliance

Our experienced team of developers is generally involved in creating such websites which are in full compliance with the W3C standards.

4) Scalability And Flexibility

Our team of the WordPress developers always helps you to create that type of website which you specifically want. This mainly includes a non-profit website, an online community, a business site, a news website, a photoblog, a personal blog or even a specific network of sites.

5) Configuration And Installation

We offer configuration and also complete installation and thereby, it specifically serves to enable you to use WordPress to its fullest.

6) Custom Plugin Development

Our developers are preferably involved in developing custom plugins by injecting features that usually work in perfection with the specific needs of your business.  So, it particularly helps to enhance the overall functionality of your site.

7) Custom Websites Crafted With Years Of Experience In WordPress Migration

In case, you are specifically planning to migrate to WordPress from any other platform, then our experts are always available to help you to make the migration smooth and also hassle-free.

8) WordPress Web Development

These particular services of WordPress web development generally allow converting your specific ideas into reality and thereby, it lets your online business to shine in its full glory.

9) Responsive And Mobile-First WordPress Web Development

With the help of our mobile first and responsive WordPress web development services, it is possible to drive traffic from every internet enabled device.

So, have you made the decision to go with our wordpress services? If yes, then click the button below to discuss your project with us