When we suffer from physical pain, we visit a doctor. When we have certain unmet needs, we mostly end up shopping. Those unmet needs are called the pain points. As an online business owner, you must consider your clients or customers as your doctor. Your eCommerce shop is the hospital.

Just like cancer, there are many kinds. Each needs a certain treatment plan. Likewise, there are also many customer pain points as they are physical ailments, and each requires its own kind of resolution.
If you really want to understand the pain points of your customers, as a business owner, then you will have to follow these simple tips which are the major pain points to overcome the situation.

What are customer pain points?

It is basically problems that perspective your customers’ business experience. In other words, they are problems faced by your customers when shopping on your eCommerce site.

Like other issues, customer pain points are extensive and diverse as your prospective clients themselves. But, not all aware about it, which can make marketing difficult to these customers as you strongly have to guide your customer know they have an issue and convince them about the product or the service which will help them to solve it.

You might think that pain points are simple, they are often categorized in various categories. They are;

  • Financial
  • Productivity
  • Process
  • Support pain points.

Envisioning your customer’s pain points in these groups enable you to start thinking about how to place your business or product as a solution to your customer’s issues. For instance, if your customer’s pain points are basically financial, you can highlight the product feature within the context of a less monthly subscription plan or stress the increased return on investment your satisfied clients go through after becoming a client.

However, this strategy of categorization can be a great start, it is not as easy as finding the price as a pain point before sorting out that the product is cheaper than the others.

Getting found online

The greatest challenges for an online business is making their website visible or found and create return customers. Potential clients have to find your store before they can make a purchase right? Then, to promote brand recognition and awareness, an online business must offer an unforgettable on-site experience. Driving traffic to your website includes many strategies which also includes SEO and email marketing to prompt the audience to come back.

Converting browsers to buyers

After making your site optimized to rank well on the search engines and when the customers started to pour in. The key to closing your online sales totally lies in personalizing for specific consumers, recovering abandoned cards, and beating obstacles that might interfere with the sale. The common reasons why customers leave your website are;

  • Slow page loading
  • Unexpected shipping costs
  • Complicated check – out process
  • Very limited payment options
  • Not easy to navigate website

Fulfillment and logistics

Once the order is placed, customers will look forward to their package. What happens if their package does not arrive at the right date? This step is a very important process when actual products are being sold.

Most businesses depend on 3rd party vendor for shipping. Ensure you build a strong and clear support flow to make sure that order details are communicated perfectly to your shipping partner.

Poor logistics is equal to perilous results.

Making your web store mobile friendly

It is estimated that mobile commerce will exceed $694 billion by this year. Most people have a smartphone these days and we use them to do our daily routine, which also includes shopping. By checking your site analytics, you can find out how many visitors come from a tablet, personal computer, and a smartphone. You will see that mobile traffic will be on the rise. So equip your business with this trend and ensure that your eCommerce website is highly responsive and it can be viewed on any device without any hindrance. Also, make sure that transactions can be done easily from any device.

Finding the end – to – end solution

A successful eCommerce solution must have two strong elements which is the web platform and the logistics service to support shipping and inventory management while guiding you to maximize revenue.

Find a service provider who can maximize your performance for utmost digital experience. Which also includes building your website to intranets to online shops and marketing campaigns.

Choose for an eCommerce developer who can integrate content management, marketing, SMM (Social Media Management), eCommerce and analytics. This can make sure your business provides an online presence that allures, engages and converts clients across various channels.

As mentioned in managing, an eCommerce store is not an easier task. It needs both long term and short term planning. Hire an eCommerce developer to make things hassle-free.