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Growth comes with growing pains; its no exception when it comes to online shops. As your online business grows, you might think yourself being moved in various ways. You now know more about online stuff than you ever wanted to know, and you might now know how to talk a new language – basic HTML. In fact, you might be starting to feel like a business person and more like a tech-savvy that you are always working hard to reach.

Also, your platform is being extended as well, and to be outspoken, it is not doing great. Either way, when the growth pain becomes unbearable, it’s the time to consider a switch. You might have come across loads of comparison articles on why to shift to Shopify plus. And we must agree that this is one of the most agreed enterprise level eCommerce solutions.

Shopify Plus follows a hassle-free strategy for online enterprise commerce. They think that all online business should be running rather than trying to solve the glitches.

So here are the top reasons why you must migrate your online store to Shopify Plus.

Migrate Online Store to Shopify Plus (#10 Compelling Reasons)

Reasons to Migrate Online Store to Shopify

Reasons to Migrate Online Store to Shopify

#1 Unlimited Product and Sales Width

With Shopify Plus, you can easily upload as much as you want, without any fear of overloading your account. Unlimited bandwidth allows you to manage, large, unexpected traffic influxes. You will also get a 200 TB storage with the Shopify Plus.

#2 Scalability with Software as a Software Technology

With the plus feature, you will get SaaS technology. All are web-based and completely hosted, which means that you need not have any physical software copy. Instead, you work on the platform in the same kind that you sign – into your email account. SaaS also means that there is no software or hardware needed to run the plus version, all you have to do is just maintain and keep the browser updated with a stable internet connection.

There are quite a few advantages of SaaS technology;  you need not to care about controlling the software and it’s all will be up to Shopify Plus and its super easy to work with the admin from different devices. Also, the best aspects are the ability to scale. As your online business gets bigger, you can add on new apps and integrations which enable the platform performing the way you want it to.

So no more growing pains!

#3 Priority Customer Support

All customers who have Shopify gets all-around support (Email), with Shopify Plus customer get special service. Which means you will be offered VIP support. As a plus client, you can easily read them through their customer number and email and all your concerns will be addressed at the earliest.

You will also be offered with a Merchant Success Manager, who will be your personal business support staff. They will advise you on the upcoming and new apps and features. Shopify Plus users will also get live chat support, eCommerce forum support and help center support.

#4 Easy to Use Dashboard

As any other Shopify users, the plus users will also use the same dashboard and that’s fabulous. Shopify dashboard is very intuitive and basic. Even a person with basic web knowledge will be able to figure out the operations without the need for any video tutorial or documentation. Uploading product images and attributes can be done quick, easy and making discounts are also easy.

You must consider, that however, this simplicity comes from the platform’s bare-bones structure. The platform comes with all you want to get started as an online store, but if your business is somewhat grown then you might feel that the dashboard is very limited. If you wish to change it, then you will have to download the extra apps, but many of those are a bit expensive.

Before you purchase, we suggest you try the Shopify dashboard first, the platform also offers you a free trial, no credit card needed.

#5 Elegant Themes

The themes of Shopify Plus are excellent looking ones. The theme store holds over hundreds of responsive themes. Some of them are free and rest you have to pay them between $130 to $190. According to a survey, more sales are done through mobile devices, it is essential that your online store looks attractive across all sorts of devices. The platform got you covered. There are quite a few ways to edit them. Your web developers can help you to do this.

#6 Customizability

The platform comes with a REST API, which enables the developers to design apps for your online store and also build connections to other kinds of software. The good news is that you need not to have to build so many connections. Just have a glance at the platform app store. You will get over thousands of already integrated, the connections you already have been built. As an extra advantage, Shopify Plus customers will also get a price reduction on select apps.

Either way, with the wide range of apps available and with a REST API, you can easily customize your online store, so it has the tool and feature you expect.

#7 Multi-Channel Selling

Shopify Plus has the capability of multi-channel selling, which means that you are allowed to sell your products across different marketplaces and social media platforms and you can easily control all those orders from the platform admin.

The platform currently markets its multi-channel sales with Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, but not just limited. You can select to sell across other channels that are used already and you can also ask the developers to construct a connection to a new option. If you don’t work with any developers currently, then feel free to take help of the Shopify experts. The platform also offers its own POS service.

#8 Shopify Payments

As a Plus user, you will get over seventy payment gateways which also includes Amazon payment and Cybersource. With so many options to consider you might never want to switch from the Shopify Plus option.

The platform also offers its own payment gateway known as Shopify payments. You will get reduced credit card charges if you wish to use Shopify payments.

#9 Security

Shopify Plus users will get Payment card industry data security standard ( PCI DSS) compliance. The platform will also offer users an on-site security assessment annually. Also, all Shopify shops come with SSL certificates which is absolutely free of cost on all site pages, not only for the checkout.

#10 Smooth Transition

The platform advertises immediate transitions from the previous shopping card, getting that your store can launch in a few days or weeks instead of several months.  Customer reviews further help the smooth transition.

So to conclude, it is very obvious that the plus version has so much to offer.