What Is The Snapchat Pixel?

A Javascript code which is usually placed on the backend of your device is considered as the Snapchat pixel. So, it helps to tracks the actions of the users who are seeing your ad. The advertisers are usually allowed by the pixel to properly implement the highly targeted campaigns. Again, it preferably helps to analyze the way in which these particular campaigns perform with the different consumers and that too across various devices.

Better tracking of the eCommerce purchases as well as other conversions will be generally allowed by this and so, across browsers and also devices these conversions are driven by your particular Snapchat ads.

How To Install Snapchat Pixel?

Step 1: Firstly You Need To Sign Up For The Snap Pixel

  1. a) You should start by effectively logging into your Snapchat Ads Manager. Also, in the top navigation, under “Manage”, you should select the “Snap Pixel”.
  2. b) After that, the thing needed to be selected is “Create my Snap Pixel”.
  3. c) Next, you should select “Set Up My Snap Pixel”. It will generally include the code of pixel and so, it will effectively trigger a pop up.
  4. d) In the pop up, you need to copy the code of the pixel which are found in the pop up. It again helps it to add to the header tag of your website. In that case, you do not have to use the code below.

Step 2: After That, You Need To Configure Attribute Website Actions

Events Attribution

It is possible to attribute the website actions for the Snapchat users. In this way, mobile ad IDs, email or phone numbers are used by the pixel. If the users are logged in to your website, one of the most important parameters must be provided below. You can be left empty if the particular parameters are not defined. Using the SMA 256 algorithm, these values will be automatically hashed as a result, there is no such need to hash it yourself.

Standard Event Types

With the Snapchat pixel, there is a particular compatibility of many predefined types of events.

Optional Event Parameters

The optional parameters are present in every event. Also for for reporting, these parameters are considered to be not yet supported.

The other possible important things which can be effectively done are tracking of the Snapchat purchase conversion value in Magento. Not only that, you can also track the Snapchat purchase value in the Shopify. Apart from that, it also becomes very much important to particularly track Snapchat add to the preferable car events in the Shopify.

Step 3: You Also Need To Associate The Particular Pixel With The Desired Ads

Also, at some point of time, it is effectively seen by you that you have attached the Snap Pixel either to your websites as well as to your particular ad account.

There are several things which are needed to be considered when you are effectively creating a particular Ad Set. So, in it, you should also ensure that under “Ad Set Details” it is set to “Attached”. Also, it is involved in allowing you to receive the particular conversion reporting for the ads. You can easily enable this for the active ad sets which have been made in the past.

Step 4: You Also Need To Check Your Pixel Whether It Is Correctly Installed Or Not

After the particular installation of the Pixel, you can easily check the overall activity of the Pixel on the “Ads Manager”. In the “Resources” tab, first you need to preferably select the “Snap Pixel” which is easily available in the top navigation panel of the particular “Ads Manager”. In this way, it becomes very much easy for you to verify which of the particular domains in which the Pixel was generally placed on as well as its types of event.

If all the events are correctly firing, in it, you can also monitor these things. However, you have to keep in mind about the particular activity statistics which are not currently able to be exported. A pixel helper tool has been also created in the Snapchat. As a result, you are completely integrated with Pixel and also it lets you to tests the particular pages.

Step 5: Lastly, You Need To Launch The Campaigns

In the “Ad Dashboard, the real-time conversion reports will able to be seen by you. In the “Customize Column” section, single conversion metrics can also be selected by you. It helps to be included in the report. After that, you need to press Save.

One of the most important parts of the Snapchat is considered as the pixel tracking. So, it helps in the overall development of the performance advertising portfolio. As a result, by the proper integration of the Snapchat pixel, it is possible for you to preferably hit the running of the ground as most new features are released.

To Sum Up

So, it is clear that, you should effectively know the way which is useful to install the Snapchat tracking pixel on both Shopify as well as Magento. It also helps to tracks the actions of the users who are seeing your ad. Again, it preferably helps to analyze the way in which these particular campaigns perform with the different consumers and that too across various devices.