ecommerceEcommerce UX Features

On the surface, usually, the goal of each and every eCommerce website is to drive more and more sales. So, a lot of things are needed to be considered for making it a reality. For reaching that particular goal, you should usually make sure that your website is reaching the definite goal. In this way, it is involved in offering the best user experience to your returning, new and also potential customers.

In this regard, you need to consider the ten must-have eCommerce UX features which prove to be essential for an online store. You should also look whether your website has all the things which prove to be very useful for the purpose of increasing sales.

Ten Important eCommerce UX Features

1) Responsive Design

There are about more than 39% of the online shoppers who are generally making purchases on their mobile devices. So, it is very important to have a mobile responsive website. Along with that, you should also make sure your whitespace, text, images, and navigation which are generally optimized for your mobile shoppers. It can be considered as the most important difference between the users who usually stick around to buy as well as explore.

Most Common Responsive Website Features For Your Website

There are many common responsive websites which your particular website should usually include such as:

  • Single column layout
  • Fixed navigation menu
  • Tappable calls-to-action
  • Hamburger navs

2) Product Search Bar

When some of your customers particularly land on your website, then they should exactly know what the important things they are looking for are. To find it, they also spend not spend their time by navigating through your website. For these users, the overall work is made simple by a product search bar. It helps the users to quickly find what they are looking for. Other than that, it can efficiently help you to make a sale and also make it preferably easier for them to make the purchase.

3) Promotion Callouts

We all like to get a little extra at the time of shopping. So, you should highlight the most special offers of your stores generally with a promo bar. This promo bar is again present above the main navigation, and as a result, the users are preferably encouraged to make a purchase. Also, these can be free shipping, deals of the day and also limited time blowout sales when the customers particularly spend a certain amount.

4) Popular Categories

When users land on the homepage of your website, it can lead to an impactful first impression by the promotion of the popular categories. To better understand what your website offers, the categories of product are usually looked by the users. This helps in making a proper decision about whether you have got exactly what you are looking for.

The shoppers generally look at your top products as well as categories which is readily possible by showcasing of the popular categories. As a result, they are encouraged to start exploring. With its help, the users can generally simplify the process of buying and also determine whether to go next on your site.

5) Live Chat Support

Customers do not have that free time to wait hours on hold or for a response to their particular email. They want their answers quickly. So, live chat support is such a thing which each and every customer wants.  If you provide your users with a live support chat, then it preferably helps to ensure that they can easily and also quickly need the help when they usually come across an issue or question.

In a study, it is concluded that there are 63% of the customers who are usually likely to return to a website that offers live chat option.

6) Product Descriptions

One of the most important opportunities to preferably sell a product to the shoppers is to write a compelling description of your products. Also, there are many of the companies that are involved in selling multiple brands. So, the descriptions of the manufacturers are mainly considered as an option. You can write it on your own, and this can be considered the most important opportunity to stand out from your competitors.

7) Featured Products

You should also highlight you’re featuring products for showing the customers what they have preferably got to offer when they land on your website. So, you should include a particular section of the featured products like the bestsellers, top sellers, etc.

8) Product Videos

Not only descriptions are enough; nowadays, customers also want to see the product videos which help to increase potential interest as well as the engagement of the customers.

9) Faceted Navigation

The shoppers can easily explore the categories in-depth by providing an easy to use and intuitive faceted navigation.

10) Shipping & Return Details

Your shopping website should possess all the important details about the shipping and also return.


In this way, it is proved that these ten must have UX features are certainly proved to be very useful in case of an ecommerce store. Also, for your website, it is essential for you to look whether your website has all the things which prove to be very useful for the purpose of increasing sales.