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Imagine the picture of their future, as a brand manager, there is a usual link that combines all of these interactions together; to the willingness to increase sales, and also reduce the cost of the operations. In both cases, it looks like that the SaaS solutions are the future wave. As a result, enterprise eCommerce is contrasting BigCommerce and Magento, but people prefer to go for BigCommerce.

There are a great number of people moving from Mageneto to Big Commerce. But why?


BigCommerce Serves Over 150,000 eCommerce Businesses.


The vital call – tags for the transition is easy to use and scalable. These are the main features of the BigCommerce and reasons why managers and other users prefer to shift. Enterprise companies and Mid – Market is enormously preferring BigCommerce as their home and this tendency seems to be an unceasing line of elated brand owners and marketing manager alike.

The reason why users preferred this platform over the Magento is that it has improved security to less monthly charges, to termination the want for in – house developers, or lessening extra charges for expansions that were important and a must to scale a business. But Magento might be suitable for some businesses, many of the mid-market customers want to scale swifter, and also provide a better overall user experience.

In the current business scenario, where eCommerce search engine optimization services and online selling outpaces retail, considering the perfect platform can succeed or fail your sales. When it comes to choosing the right platform, whether BigCommerce or Magento, it’s really a tough call. So we have made up a post to guide you better on which is the right platform.


BigCommerce vs Magento: Get the Difference


Than BigCommerce, Magento had a more attractive entry-level plan, so when it comes to pricing it might be the choice for many. But, brand managers observed that the structure of the pricing followed by BigCommerce enables for more features for file storage and bandwidth.

Also, the plans offered by Magento were not as good as those provided by BigCommerce, which many users weigh their options before choosing the right one.

Many of the users also found out that is lacking its key features within Magento in contrast to the experience that BigCommerce provided. The value was most important to all. The focus was on considering the price against functionality, instead, was making their plans based on the price alone. Overall BigCommerce offers the all-around cost-effective package, which results in the re-platform and getting off for many users.


All through the templates offered by both the eCommerce solutions was ample for users to get an idea of what look might suit their online stores the better. In the conflict between BigCommerce and Magento, both provide a wide range of free templates, most of which are the same in quality.

Apart from letting the users choose from the wide range of templates, BigCommerce provides Mid – Market templates than Magento that are hassle-free to preview and apply. Users wanted a decent coding experience and development to work well with various of the themes offered by Magento, which was a major downfall to the experience. Teams were fine with the solutions that do not require heavy overhead costs just for testing the templates or theme variations. BigCommerce provides a way to avoid those extra overhead charges.

Also, one of the largest, platform – side enhancements that allured users to re-platform to BigCommerce was their recent Stencil launch. The new framework enables in-depth template customizations both in the local host CLI as well as the cloud. This was a great feature for users and allows them to create eye – catchy, powerful and search engine optimized storefronts easily and without the help of any extensive agency retainers. The cost of an average Magento development might go from five to six-figure range.

Ramp-up Times

BigCommerce is uncomplicated to use shortening ramp-up times. A feature called quick launch wizard in BigCommerce guides users pair through the various features and components, enabling for quick adoption and quicker launch times. Indifference, there was no support or guidance with Magento, and the users were unattended and left to sort things out on their own.

It is said the Magento mostly had troublesome software updates that include plug-in, cost of ownership and licenses. Users complain that the operating cost of Magento self – hosted platform is a spinning labor cost; both at the agency retainer level as well as internally. The BigCommerce features were usually native which also was secure, reliable and offered a peace of mind.

Payment Gateways

BigCommerce includes a wide range of payment gateways. The users of this platform were able to increase conversion rates, also client satisfaction after making the shift very sooner. Enabling for more payment options like the Digital Wallets, Amazon Pay was a great selling point to various clients and the chance to do this easily and immediately was the icing on the cake.

While BigCommerce includes more than sixty different payment gateways, Magento only provides with fourteen, which is not bad, but when compared to 60 it’s a magic number, offer more flexibility and drives more clients to get new ideas of implementing retail and wholesale account management together with more cost-effectiveness.


Since, Magento runs a support forum, where queries are answered already, users were not willing to spend time looking out for threads for any unanswered bugs and queries. The aim was simple operation and ease of use, not pouring of the message board, or always been dependent on an agency retainer.

Big Commerce offers 24/7 support, which also includes live chat, training, etc. Their constant availability made them stand apart from the crowd.

These are some of the essential factors to consider when choosing the right platform. Which platform do you think is the right for your eCommerce business BigCommerce or Magento? According to us, Bigcommerce would be the right for your online store. Watch this video to know what Brent Bellm (CEO, Bigcommerce) has to say –

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