careerMNCs VS Startups

In my overall career, I have seen many ups and downs. Through all these ups and downs, I also have been able to understand the market. I am about 4+ years of experience in working with different sizes of the IT firms. Here, I am talking about my personal experiences so that it will be possible to help the newbie for effectively choosing the right size of the company for the job.

I have worked for the first two years of my career in MNC, and then I joined a startup company to understand it very well. You must think about the fact that how to select the right company for the job,i.e. whether to select startups or big MNCs.

MNCs VS Startups – Choose the Right for you

Joining MNCs

Joining MNC is more or less like joining a large army. The strength of the numbers is something which you will get in an army. So, you generally have strong training to make a specialist in one of the particular category. In the MNCs, flexibility is considered to be much less important than obedience.

The Pros of MNC Include:

  • 2 paid leaves every month
  • 2 days week off
  • Good infrastructure
  • Even incentive distribution with the team
  • Enough increment if your behaviour is good with management
  • Low responsibility
  • Systematic management

The Cons of MNCs are:

  • Lack of personal touch with top management
  • You feel like robot
  • More personal conflicts with team leaders and management
  • Hard to satisfy everyone in the company
  • Fear of fire without notice
  • Strict rules
  • Fixed job profile

Joining Startups

On the other hand, joining a startup is considered to be like joining a special forces unit. Usually, you will have to be super trained if you want to join a startup. It is because that in the startups, you preferably have to take up multiple roles and that too in the complicated areas.

Also, the selection process in the startups is considered to be much tougher as it is expected that only a few are there who win a complex operation in it.

Most of the people also do not have an option of working at a startup company. At least at the fresher level, most of the good startups are full of the resumes and also the others do not much go for the recruitment process of their company.

Also, the large MNCs have more trouble kind of hiring, and so, a lot of dollies are even thrown for the good people for considering them.

Pros of Startup Companies:

  • Good incentive because of small team
  • More space for your speech
  • Bonus for your extra work
  • No much fear of fire
  • Able to learn new technologies
  • Enough freedom
  • Personal interaction with boss
  • Quick solutions of the problems
  • Personal care mainly as family members

The Cons of the Startup Companies:

  • Hard to take leaves due to limited resources
  • Lack of proper infrastructure
  • Lack of proper timing
  • Lack of proper management
  • Lots of responsibilities


MNC job is safe; you can consider it if you want a safe job otherwise you should look for the startups if you are a smart person and can put a lot of chaos or efforts to their jobs.